Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The final buttons are sewn... that ALWAYS takes an extra day, plus the blocking, and drying.  Lucky for me I have a dry climate!
Today's humidity was high, slowing the process but this evening I got to pose!
I adapted the button flap from the original.
Overall, it fits, and it feels yummy!

Pattern: Sunshine Cardigan by Mary Beth Temple from Creative Knitting, September 2009  Yarn:  Ultra Pima by Cascade Yarns DK / 8 ply 100% Cotton, 220 yards, used 3 skeins.
Does it bother anyone else?  This pattern is called "Sunshine Cardigan" due to the yellow yarn used in the pattern.  Those never seem to describe MY cardigan since I rarely use the same colorway as the pattern.  Just seems strange that so many patterns are named for the color and the pattern itself.


  1. It is very pretty! Congratulations on a lovely sweater (that is much prettier in blue than it would have been in yellow).

  2. Very pretty. I hope the yarn behaves this time. I can't really imagine this cardi in yellow. I agree that it's not a good idea to name a garment after the yarn color. There are many knitters who probably don't like to wear that color so they will choose other, and also there are many knitters who will substitute not just the color but the yarn too because they can't buy it/can't afford it/don't like it/prefer using locally made yarns than ordering from the other side of the planet/are allergic to that type of material, etc, etc.


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