Thursday, June 16, 2011

Short Needles

I 'heart all over the place' my KA Bamboo Switch Needle set.  I've had the size 5-13 set for years, use them a lot, and I think they're like sliced cheese when I travel.  (I know--it's supposed to be sliced bread, but sliced cheese is better.)
Then I wondered recently about smaller sizes, and there they were:  Switch Short in teeny tiny sizes.  I purchased them online from Paradise Fibers, and they arrived quickly.  I love their service...
I feel like I'm knitting Barbie doll clothing... It's really a little "mouse" knitted in a smaller size than the pattern calls for.  I just wanted to use my Lanette baby yarn that was given to me; perfect for a swatch.

Finished, it will be in the shape of an upside down cone.  Mouse nose in the air.  Cute, fussy and fun.
Friend Pattie bought a set at the same time.  I'm eager to hear what she has to say.

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