Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What to take.. on the road again.

Here's my travel tip:  Dental floss.
I know it's not original; I read or heard it somewhere a few years ago and it's brilliant!  No scissors needed:  Use the dental floss cutter on your yarn, string or thread.  All of this is going into my survival kit.  There's my Route 66 bag waiting to be filled. (Maybe dental floss is a multi-purpose item!!)
 While the above all goes in my checked baggage, I'll be taking something that is rather simple:  The beginnings of a scarf in yummy Mongolian Cashmere.  Two cable needles are needed.  I know lots of people don't use cable needles anymore, and I don't either unless there's a 2-part crossover.  (2/2/2)  The pattern is Lily Chin's reversible "Cables on the Double".  When I get on the other side, I'll show you what I have.
 Along with my little survival kit, I'll need some needles, patterns, and left-handed scissors.  I understand there are a few sewing projects awaiting me.
 And just in case I have any free time, I can always knit this dropped stitch top and carry on a conversation, too.
 Then there's the toddler socks.  They are finished and packed away with the matching mommy socks.  I haven't woven in the ends yet.  They need to be tried on to make sure they fit.
 If all else is accomplished, which it won't...  (I'm rethinking this item now...)
Yep.  I better leave this home, so I can shop in Norway!  Don't want to disappoint Marija!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Green

Green for Toddler this time.
This is a preliminary photo to compare with a later one where buttons have been selected, and maybe even a photo with a model!  Toddlers:  Difficult to catch "posing".
Very "drapy".  Feels wonderful.

Pattern:  Baby Raglan Cardigan, size 24 months, by Kelly Klem from Creative Knitting, September 2009;  See download in errata for complete revamp of pattern published.  Yarn: Bamboo by Be Sweet DK / 8 ply 100% Bamboo 115 yards/50 grams.

Woof to Wool

Have a listen to a portion of a funny show with a message about yarn.
They are pretty much irreverent about every topic... a trait I relish!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Geezers and Wind

I guess they kinda go together!
Very windy afternoon for Riverfest.  Something for everyone, but I went to listen to the Trumpet Geezers.  My 'geezer' is the leader and since there was only "some" wind which kept us from cooking in the high 80's, it was a relaxing afternoon for me.
Activities for everyone of all ages.
It was highly improbable that I could snap a shot without by-standers...

 The River Walk was busy.
 And the Geezers select another tune.

The Bridge
 The Geezermeister:
 The Geezer-fiefs:
 The Honorary Geezerette:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

More from my garden...

Pattern:  hopsalots by tiny owl knits from tinyowlknits' Ravelry Downloads;  Adult size paired down to fit a 2 year old.
Needle and yarn
US 11 - 8.0 mm
spurwink merino, Used Doubled
1.2 skeins = 140.4 yards (128.4m)
July 10, 2010

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

From my garden...

Every year, I pull a few weeds and discover strawberries.  I don't pretend to cultivate them;  they are just there.  IF we get rain, IF the bugs and birds don't help themselves first, I get a few bowls of cereal topped with thee best strawberries.  I consider them "wild" from my garden.

Breakfast, Wimbledon where are you?
The white bits are almonds.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

WIPs on Wednesday

Here's what's on the needles (or SOME of the needles).

Confession:  I was going to go to bed, then I remembered that I gave out my blog site to Amy today.  She says her mom is a knitter and would like to have a look.  Realizing that I haven't blogged about knitting in awhile made me stay up an extra hour... no worries... and post.
It's not like I have NOTHING to say!!  LOL

They almost look like ballet slippers, but they are felted slippers for my 2 year old.  Drying now, soon the extra bits will become cute bunny ears and I'll sew eyes, nose and tail.  I have all the bases covered:  If they don't fit... as in too small... they will be stuffed and become a bunny pair!
 I'm a bit disappointed that they didn't felt evenly.  Done in a front loader with a pair of jeans.  I enclosed them in two lingerie bags.  I know, friend Kay, you would offer your top loader...

Next is my dream color. It's sage which looks sage in the right light, and was chosen from my stash because it is the exact perfect color for a light-weight cardi to match a dress.  It's great to hold, too:  Pima Cotton DK.  I'm very excited... however, I tend to put these things on the back burner since it's for myself.  Somehow, I have few deadlines for my garments.  It's a personality flaw... No worries.
 This is what Amy sees every time I volunteer at the museum.  Socks... toddler socks.  I'm hesitating on finishing the toes because I don't have the little feet that will wear them.
 Basic socks, in-my-head pattern, I've already finished the mommy socks.
 And now the cutest ever, 24 month cardigan, almost finished.  Half a sleeve to go, and needing six buttons (a shout out to my darling daughter--she'll know what to do).  A 100% bamboo yarn project in Spring Green.
Am I busy?  yes
Do I know what will keep me company for my 24 hours of travel in one week?  no
A week:  an eternity in knitting time.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Dutch Week!

Last week, Florida guests of Dutch descent.
Last weekend, Dutch Oven Cooking.

Volunteering at the museum

Vegetable au'gratin, biscuits, pizza, and gingerbread on applesauce.  Four dishes prepared.
I assisted the cook.  She's in charge of activities at the Riverside Nature Center and has demonstrated her Dutch Oven Cooking on the Washington, DC Mall.  She has the apron to prove it!  LOL

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Days Get Busier!

Out of Town Guests from Florida.  What a treat!  Let's serve up some "weather"--- like a good portion of hail:
 Or let's serve up a good portion of food!  ---like ONIONS.  This is the beginning of a fantastic French Onion Soup.  (Can you smell 'em?)
 Let's sit back when they are gone and .... start something new!  Mystery garment.
This afternoon I discovered I should be short 2 grams of yarn... to make the other one.  Grrrr.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Spring Green

I like the Spring Green T.  Now for a little 2T cardigan:
This is such a great pattern.  It's from Creative Knitting Magazine, however, the pattern is re-written due to many mistakes in the first printing in September 2009.  It may be too big for my little 2-year old, but as long as it's too big, no worries!

Meanwhile, how can I compete with this?
I'm jealous that I wasn't the one to knit that cap.  And I sure wish I was a fly on the wall to witness the donning of this outfit.  Blouse, skirt, apron, jewelry, cape...  wrestling a 23 month-old into all of that finery!  Last year she screamed the whole time, but balloons will soothe anyone's temper.  This is for The Seventeen of May which is the National Day of Norway.
I think next May, I'll have to be there...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mr Orange Marmelade

A day of rest.  This is me on Monday.  A minor "procedure" on my throat.  I'm staying away from heavy machinery... and major decision making.  Does that mean no knitting?

Monday, May 16, 2011

More mistakes

What kind of blogger am I?  I freely exhibit my goofs.
Here's another one:
The Sojouner Cardigan (purple), previously many inches, but it was too big.  Starting over again, but it doesn't seem so important now that it's almost summer.
The Pink tunic I started.  I didn't like the size of that either, so I ripped it out, and decided to knit something else.  Not a tunic any longer.
AND a YO lacy top in denim.  I was hoping this would be for myself, but when I took it off the needles, I discovered that the front alone is 4 inches wider than it should be.  WHEW!  I'm not THAT big!!  So it will soon be history.  Yes, my goofs are all "gauge" related.  Somehow, even with the swatch, the sizing of the patterns aren't accurate.  I'm OK.  I like to knit. Again and again and again and again and again... 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger problems

A quick fix to blogger last Wednesday ended up with no blogging possibilities until tonight.  Hope the problem is fixed, and I sure appreciate whoever does all of that tech stuff!

In the meantime, I finished my Spring Green T.  It's a beauty but a little too clingy for my curves.

I know someone who will fit into it perfectly.  A picture in a few weeks will be coming your way.
HERE's what I learned while knitting this garment.

Pattern:  Green Gable by Rachel Bishop  from Knit Lulu;  Yarn: Bamboo by Be SweetDK / 8 ply 100% Bamboo,110 yards
Incidental Information:  This is the third time I've knit this pattern.  #1 in Lavold's Silky Wool, and #2 in Lavold's Cable Cotton.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Link to Hat

Yesterday I forgot to link to the "previous blog" about the toddler hat.  Click Here

And tonight I managed to 'tubular bind-off' (for a second time) my top down T.  Link HERE about previous, ill-fated, bind-off.

The Perfect Mother's Day Present

I would hate to evaluate myself as to how "needy" I am, but initially I would say I'm not. Maybe I am...
Remember that circus hat for Juju?  A modified hat pattern with little people around it, with pompoms on the corners?
See here for the details from an earlier blog.

I was informed on Sunday (Mother's Day) that my little granddaughter insists on wearing that hat whenever going outside. It took a 70ºF (20ºC) to catch her without it!  Does she know how rewarded her grandma feels?

Monday, May 9, 2011

No REALLY, I'm finished.

I showed off my new socks, errrrr,  exactly ONE new sock, to my hub.  He asked, "Do you have another one to go with it?"  And I replied, "Of course, only it's not quite finished."  He snorted that snort that meant, "In your mind you have a second sock..."  At which point I rushed to the next room and returned with sock #2 complete EXCEPT for the bind off.  Now, he doesn't have any idea how much time a bind off takes, so he was convinced I, indeed, had a second sock VERY close to being finished.
And I got to show those off in yesterday's blog, didn't I!!
So why did I take pictures earlier today that look like this?
The top one is inside out.
Hmmm.  We all know what THAT means. (I stretched the truth, a bit...) Ends.  Weaving in...  I'm "almost" finished.
I sat down with the Sunday golf and basketball on TV and two hours later...  YES, I was horrified that each sock took an hour, I had FINISHED socks.
I put them on.
And I took pictures:
The top one is inside out. And, truly, the bottom sock is "end-free", too!
My new favorite socks. Statistics:  See Ravelry Page

Drip Candles by Kirsten Hall from Think Outside the Sox; Materials:  Leftover yarns from socks of wool, merino, cotton, soy, & nylon blends.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tubular Bind-off, Part 3

It's SO exciting to bind-off.  Another pair of socks are finished and again, my friend, the tubular Bind Off is the chosen one.
I reiterate that I would not be so happy about this if it weren't for TechKnitter.  HERE are the instructions again.
And the four basic stitches:
Purl front (remove)

Knit front (stay)

Knit back (remove)

Purl back (stay)

These are my "Leftover Socks" knitted from 6 leftover sock yarns. I recklessly chose by colors and not by fiber.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The rest of the story...

Knitters at night met and Mimi had a great time even though we all cheered her on to rip out that sucker!  Her pullover, knitted with ribbing, bottom up, was too short.  She has the sleeves and side seams sewn, ready for the collar to be added.  She ended up ripping out/cutting off the ribbing and expects to extend the length by 3-4 inches. The pictures from yesterday's blog HERE.
Meanwhile, across the room, Kee was having a night, too.
This was the sock that WAS... ripped out.  And Kee wept on our shoulders as she explained her predicament at home with a lacy cotton cardigan that has been soaked, boiled, patted, and tumble-dried to no avail.  It refuses to shrink, and insists on growing.  Best of luck there!
Then I turn around and what's this?
Bee is--untangling, pulling, stretching, knotting?  I was afraid to ask...
And now I'll write a happy ending:
Dr. P is celebrating her last knit nite with us and she's still going strong!  We love you... Dr. P sits quietly listening to our woes and suddenly interjects some medical wisdom that comforts us or sheds some light on the subject at hand.  We'll miss you SO much.  Maybe we should Skype?
And lastly, the deadline has been met.  A wedding on the 27th, travel to it on the 20th, framers deadline:  TOMORROW!  Lee completes the stitching on his project.  No doubt in MY mind why all the kids want to get married one of these keepsakes:
Of course, WE are all doomed because we heard "stories".  I don't dare publish the 3 letters that would get this blog on the short list for scrutiny.
See some of you in 2 weeks!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Helpful? I think NOT!

Tonight was Knit Nite....
A wonderful, laughable, relaxing time.
Here's Mimi, sitting next to me to get some "help".  Just couldn't figure out that pattern, until she sat next to me.

And that's literally all it took!  I never got to see the pattern. She was suddenly enlightened!  And that was the last nice thing that happened to Mimi.  
She presented her sweater to me to admire before starting the collar... I asked her, "Have you tried this on?"  Not since knit nite 4 weeks ago... she says.
I chastised her for not heeding my blog, and learning from my mistakes.  Earlier this week, I had the same experience.  Didn't try it on and had to rip it out.  
Q: What's worse than ripping out a portion of a garment that you thought was finished?  
A:  Pointing someone else in that direction and watching THEM rip out their own garment.  It was torture (for me), I tell you!!
Here she is with strands that wouldn't unravel, which will have to be cut off to make the body longer.
...sigh...  Somehow, I take the guilt upon myself.  I'm so sorry, Mimi!

 Here, finish this. You'll feel better.

Unfortunately the yarn is a beautiful dark burgundy (so spilled wine won't be noticed). It's a color that doesn't photograph well, so you won't be able to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation.
Meanwhile, she wasn't the only one...
More tomorrow.


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