Sunday, April 3, 2011

My time

My time with my knitting is the theme of Day 7.  How can I put this mildly and still sound like an intelligent human being?  My best knitting is when I sit at the computer 'watching', and I use the word loosely, my soap.  Days of our Lives is something I've followed for years.  At first it was only on Fridays.  I would tape it on Fridays and watch it whenever.  Then I retired and looked in on it a little more frequently.  It goes nowhere, so even though I miss a week or so (or more) I don't feel like I've missed anything.  And the best part of it, they talk so much, and repeat everything, I don't have to look at the screen.  I watch/listen online because I'm constantly behind in episodes, and it's a great pasttime.  I 'heart' Victor's wit.  I think he's my favorite character.  And I marvel that many of the women have been married to the same two men in the show.  The only time I am surprised is when I haven't been following it and a new person arrives, usually as one of the old characters.  A new face and an old name!  Very clever.
Well, there it is... for all to see.  My knitting time:  50 minutes a day, if I can get it!

I know!  This is as good as it gets!!

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  1. I've never watched soaps, but I know that one has been going on for a very long time. I like knitting in silence or with quiet instrumental music playing...I make fewer mistakes that way.


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