Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I started to write "devastated" but with a little guilty conscience (i.e. earthquakes and tornedos, broken ankles and such) I down-graded to disappointment.  Disappointment with myself, my LYS, and ...anyone else I can blame?  My cats!  They must have had something to do with this...

I was peacefully knitting in a sunlit room this morning, and remembering my friend's wit:  "Admire your work often" I looked down to notice something wasn't right.  Do you see it too?

 I got this far and then I noticed, in the sunlight, that the lace portion appeared to be a different shade than the last few inches.  It couldn't be! I snatched up the two yarn bands and found, yes, they were two different dye lots.  Twenty Eleven is certainly my year for rookie mistakes. Below it's almost noticeable that the 9 rows on the right side are a little more yellow than the others.  (Click on the photo for a larger view, PLEASE, and confirm my whininess is warranted.)
 Going back to take pictures, the sun was not shining brightly, and I had a tough time seeing any difference.
Funny thing!  (Or sad for me...) I didn't know which yarn I had used first since both bands were at the bottom of my 'jar'... So I had to knit a little more from a skein that was marked to discover which was which.  I have 9 skeins of one and 3 of the other... I'm not ripping it out but I'll be avoiding the bright sun!
I know I could try to blend them but instead I'll be finishing up with the skeins of 9 and at that point, I can decide to use a contrasting color or soldier on with the other lot.


  1. new purchase or old mistake? it is even worse when it is a handpaint and they ARE the same dyelot and it shows that one is lighter or has more of a contrast color...

    I couldn't see it in the pictures.

  2. Just don't stand really still when you're wearing it and no one will notice. ;-)

  3. I'm with Laurie. Keep on the move.


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