Friday, March 11, 2011

What's Knitting?

Another Thursday evening with nine of us gathered for discussion about everything, and help for knitters with picking up stitches for a collar, counting rows after the cat removed the needles, and heavy duty ball winding.
MLE is often busy, but she took time out to continue her futile attempt at finishing her sweater (in less than 7 years...).  She's got those beautiful sleeves to show for it! Go M!!

Fee is stretching one slipper to match the other and eager to wear them. Will they ever dry?  Gorgeous grays!

And Jee is on to something new - a baby not yet born:  Where's the sock?

And Simone has news of a summer grandson expected, Dr. P is still wearing her Winconsin shirt, Dee is twisting those cables again and again for her baby blanket in the round, Lee is cross-stitching roses on a piano, and Bee enjoyed the Bliss!
I showed off my granddaughter in her knitted finery, and two of the three contest pieces.  Really, I'm not swayed by guesses, and have been working on them as much as time will allow.  That's the point:  Toddler Time is a black hole!
Cupcake mittens:  One mitten need the convertible cap, the other mitten is up to the second cupcake row (which is the very beginning of the increase for the thumb gusset).
Scarf:  I the scarf (reversible, double knitted) in colors that I want to see.  Unfortunately, I have to look at the chart, so it's very slow going when there are 3 or 4 conversations to tend to... The pattern calls for 2-1/2 repeats, and I'm at 1.3.  However, by the size, I think I have to do at least 3 full repeats to get all the colors I want to see.
Hat:  Ummmm.  I haven't touched the hat.  It won't be much of a priority until my daughter mentions (on Monday) that she needs it for English weather on Thursday.


  1. Love that sleeve! So much fun to see what everyone is working on.

  2. Oh no!!!! How will you pick winnerss. I am stunned by the lack of hat progress.


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