Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Useful Gift

I love to knit, and I love to make things that people appreciate.  Sure enough, it was a good call to put down the mittens and scarf and finish the hat. C has traveled to England and wrote this in my comments yesterday:
  I opened the suitcase and put on the hat as soon as I got to Heathrow!!  Wore it all the way to Cambridge and again this morning.  Not like New Mexico here at all.
 Who thinks I shouldn't be giving up on the mittens for this year?

Instead my mind is wandering and I've started re-finishing the Picot orange dress in a larger size.
I snipped off the bodice,

and picked up stitches without decreasing as much as the first time.
Here's the FO for the one year old:
So many projects... so little time!


  1. SuUch a cute little dress. I love the bright colours that this generation of Mom's use to dress their babies.

  2. Love the orange dress - so springlike!


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