Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tickling the Ivories

Special music last Sunday:
Early service, I accompanied a euphonium player.  His sound is wonderful, and he chooses music that people love.  He played I love you, Lord in an arrangement that, as he put it, "You'll be able to play it blind folded, and I'll keep one eye open."  We ran it just before the service, and added a repeat for length.
At the later service, the Chancel Choir sang a three verse setting of Hyfrdol. The first and third verses were for unison choir, and the second verse was in 4-part harmony.  The third verse accompaniment was... surprising.  Lots of harmonies that were edgy (i.e. kept me on my toes, er, finger tips).  Both of these pieces were for piano.
On organ, the hymns were standard, except for the closing which was Let There Be Peace on Earth which I don't remember playing before.  Didn't know it was in the hymnal...

This week I'm looking forward to having some maintenance done on the pipe organ.  The presets haven't been working since last... summer.  (Maybe it was late Spring.)  The tuner and technician is coming on Thursday, and the replacement magnets arrived last Saturday from the builder in Quebec. Fingers crossed that problems will be solved!

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  1. At my church, we close every service with "Let There Be Peace On Earth". It's one of my favorites.


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