Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday's Knit

Being Spring Break, and deciding that I we couldn't wait a month for another knit nite, three of us met to chat, knit, and nibble on peanut crisp cookies.  In two hours I managed to accomplish 7/8 inch of the Europa shawl.  Now THAT'S depressing!  Blame it on the talking  cookies...


  1. you may have only done a little last night, but a lot since Sydney!!

    I, of course, started a new shawl(red-faced!) I'm doing wendyknits' Japanese Garden Shawl in my one skein of Wollmeise- a vivid green, named Grasshopper (Grashüpfer).

  2. I never get anything done at knitting group. Too much yakking! LOL!


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