Monday, March 28, 2011

A Tale of Two Yarns and Two Cities

Day One: 28th March. A Tale of Two Yarns.  TWO CITIES
Part of any fibre enthusiast’s hobby is an appreciation of yarn. Choose two yarns that you have either used, are in your stash or which you yearn after and capture what it is you love or loathe about them.

I walk in the door, and it takes my breath away.  I can’t take my eyes off of it... The colors are amazing, and the combinations!  

I live in a desert.  A desert where there is such limited yarns, I have to make the pilgrimage to the oasis of Yarn Durango, 65 miles away to get a fix.  With a quick phone call I can always count on finding someone to accompany me on my journey.  But on this occasion I’m not where I live, but where I’m visiting.
I have another home away from home.  It’s 4,756 miles away from the desert and is a knitter’s dream come true. Bergen, Norway, where yarn shops, and shops that have yarn tucked in corners are on every street.  Where wool is important to survival, a necessity! That is where I found this yarn for sale, at the front door of a shop in the same building as my 3rd floor apartment.  What good fortune! That was August 2009.

Since then, these bad boys have been calling my name and I've been calling for the perfect pattern.  Then:
I walk in the door, and it takes my breath away.  I can’t take my eyes off of it... The colors are amazing, and the combinations! 
(Yes, I meant to repeat myself...)
I'm back in Durango, and it's February 2011, and the same 'effekt' hits me.  This time I see the pattern.  (Listen up shop owners: Knitted-up yarn SELLS!)
So here I am, happy as can be with my scarf in double knitting using one of the two balls.  Why is this "Two Yarns"?  It IS two yarns since I'm using the reverse from the inside of one ball, and getting the pleasure of two colorways.
Simple pleasures:  I sit for hours patiently waiting for the colors to evolve to the next shade and hue.  They are SO gradual that I've been patient for a month only to see Blue/Purple/Red on one side and Green/Yellow/almost Orange on the other. This may be a VERY LOOOONG scarf.  It makes me smile...

Aside:  All of the yarn in these two pictures are the same colorway. The ball in the first picture is the very same ball on the left of the second picture, with some layers removed. 


  1. so, when you visit your second home next time I need to take you to my sister-in-law's favourite yarn shop in Askøy...and she is a yarn-perv!!!! :) remind me please!


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