Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skill or Luck?

Do I have skill?  Or do I have determination?  As I look at 2 out of every 3 projects I knit, I see a variation on the pattern intended.  I love the ideas, and I’m SO glad there are designers out there, but I just don’t feel inclined to follow them.  I take as example 2 projects that have needles in them:  A bolero and mittens.
Bolero (sleeves to be added) for picot dress
The bolero is a Debbie Bliss pattern.  I’m not using the suggested yarn, and not anything like the suggested yarn.  So the gauge and size is all off.  I’m make it work, d*** it. I might (probably will) have to frog it once or twice, but eventually I’ll have a suitable FO.  

The mittens? I’ve run out of winter.  Next Fall I’ll get back to them or if I should have a lull in creative knitting ideas they might rear up and bite me sooner!  The mittens are based on my daughter going ga-ga over the cupcake mittens of Spilly Jane.  Meanwhile, I had my sights set on convertible mittens with the handy flap that folds back to expose fingers. My creation? A colorwork pattern from Spilly Jane and a structure pattern from Broad Street mittens.  And yarn that’s “from my stash”, of course.  I’ve re-calculated all the numbers, and just hope that in half a year, I’ll still remember where I was and what I was doing!  Asking a lot, aren’t I?  I’ll MAKE it work!

I thought it would be interesting (to me) to make a list of altered patterns from my Ravelry notebook:
  1. Picot dress 1 and 2
  2. Circus hat
  3. Bonnets (everyone of the   is with different yarn)
  4. Girly Cardi
  5. Pullover in roses
  6. Little mittens
  7. Sparkebukser in Heaven
  8. Mr. Foster and his attire
  9. Princess top
  10. Jasmine Cardigan
  11. Split Toe Socks
  12. Monkey Blanket
  13. Wrist Corsage
  14. Little Liza Jane
  15. Leprechaun vest
  16. Gauntlets
  17. Sparkebukser #2
  18. Santa’s helper
  19. Blue nursing top
  20. Reversible Baby Sweater
  21. Baby legwarmers
  22. Poncho for Mama and Baby
  23. Spiral Socks in pink
  24. Little Red Riding Hood
  25. Betty baby sweater
  26. Bump Sweater
  27. Leg Warmers
  28. Wrap me up
  29. Fair Isle short-row pullover
That’s just the finished projects... I can’t believe the number of them, and many of the others I have a nagging feeling that I fudged them somewhere!  Good or bad?  Skill or luck?

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  1. it is just plain seat-of-the-pants gutsiness to have the vision and take off!!

  2. What is it someone calls you? An INTREPID KNITTER? yes you are. Impressively intrepid.

  3. You have run out of winter. what a wonderful expression.

  4. well I haven't run out of winter...I'd have worn those gloves today if you had given me the chance.


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