Monday, March 7, 2011

Modeling Session

What do grandmas like?
A toddler who blows kisses and gives hugs--
An appreciative audience (my daughter)--
A success story combining all of the above:
Tah-dah!  I give you the "Rose Tunic":
Even the pants match!  Knitted from the same yarn in April 2009 (before she was born).
Ravelry link.
Tunic knitted three times (with much teeth gnashing) between May 2010 and January 2011.
Ravelry link.
Matching shoes!

Toddler modeling:  Few opportunities for still shots.  My best one of the outfit was out of focus.  Was it the photographer or the subject that moved? My guess is that the camera can't focus fast enough when the moment occurs.  Oh, well...

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  1. Totally adorable - both the project and the model!


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