Monday, March 14, 2011

The Hat WINS!

Contest spoiler:  I'm not taking any more entries, so I'm going to report on progress so you can decide where you stand.
I worked on the cupcake mittens, because I was curious to see how they would come together (being a combination of two patterns, and convertible mittens/gloves).  
Meanwhile, I couldn't resist double knitting the scarf with Kauni so I could watch the long colorways appear.
I didn't touch the hat until Saturday, when I asked which of the three would be more of a necessity, and the answer was, of course, the hat.  Early Spring in England, Denmark and Spain seemed to warrant a hat...  since then, I've been working on it (almost exclusively).
Here's about 12 inches of braided and bobbled band.  I estimate it's 30% and two days to go.  Now what?   I think this contest is going to show that toddler time is another dimension!  
And it isn't likely I'll have lots of knit time in the next two days. An all-nighter might be in the near future.
Today I have a special service to play and two choir rehearsals in the evening.
Tuesday I promised myself and my daughter a trip to Durango to the Sushi restaurant.  And Wednesday, it's too late.
Ruht roh...

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