Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crazy Hat for Toddler

A couple of things motivate me:
#1, a request from my daughter
#2, my stash
#3, a pattern that I ogle over for years
With that combination, one evening last week, I gathered my thoughts, and my materials (during TV ads - oh, I probably missed a few minutes of whatever I was 'watching') and came up with a fun hat for my toddler.
Pattern: Multicolored Merry-go-round - Hat by Juliette LiĆ©tar;  Yarn: Valley Superwash DK by Valley Yarns DK / 8 ply 100% Merino 137 yards, used DOUBLED for main color.  Contrasting colors are "various". Size US 8 needles.
It's very stretchy, so much that I was able to put it on.  If it's too sloppy for my toddler, I'll add ear flaps and ties.  I knitted the figures on straight needles and continued the upper part on circular. I hope hope hope it will be accepted (by the toddler).
NOTE:  This project has not interfered with the contest... unless earflaps become a necessity.


  1. So cute! How about tassles for those corners? ;-)

  2. i have seen this toddler hat in real life and i love it....once my knitting skills become more advanced I may try and rip of your idea :)


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