Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contest #2

This might be the final for Contest #2:  The reversible, double knitted scarf.
It's a beauty!  And I love to work on it, but I'm going for the hat, with only one more day to go.
Here's the scarf status:  15 inches, and I think it should be at least 40 inches when finished.
The colors may determine how far I'll go.
Yes, they are the same (one) scarf from the same ball of Kauni.  I'm pulling the green-yellow from the center, at the same time using the blue-purple from the outside of the ball.
I could make this a contest... notice that the purple is turning red.   What color in the rainbow comes after purple and red?  And what color comes after green-yellow?  The answer is ONE color.  I'm anxiously awaiting the fate of the orange... Will I have orange on orange?  Will they be identical or just a shade different?  The suspense is killing me!!

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  1. I don't care about the contest...but that scarf is just the coolest! Wow!


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