Friday, March 18, 2011

And the winners are...

Thanks so much for reading and entering my contest:  Denise, Kay, Celina, Pattie M and Patty W, Jenny and Marija.

Marija guessed all three correctly, even though I'm not finished...  She guessed that the finishing order would be Hat, Scarf and Mittens.  The Hat is indeed finished first, and I intend to finish the scarf before the mittens.
My plan:  Too late in the season for mittens, and/or scarf in wool, so the mittens will be put aside until I think Norway has cooled down in the Fall or until a certain birthday occurs.  The scarf... I love knitting the scarf, so I expect that to be finished without depending on the weather.
Everyone else guessed that the hat would be done, so in a run-off eliminating the other three winners:
Pattie M, come on down!

The Scarf:  16" on March 16th.  Denise is the winner with 17".  Congratulations!!  You had competition close behind you with Pattie M at 18".

The Mittens:  Does this look like "done" or 1-1/2 mittens?
I think so too. Patty W wins with the only guess that I wouldn't finish!  She said 1-1/2 mittens... Smart she is!!  (Does she know about black hole of toddler time?)

The prizes:

Prize winners, if you have a definite favorite, let me know.  That and $20 (just kidding; a la Car Talk) may be YOUR prize!  Otherwise, expect a surprise package in a few days.


  1. Ha. Ha. Toddler Time what a cute expression. Great prizes.

  2. OK, there's no more secret word to enter, but I write, I hit enter, I have a chance to edit, I hit enter again, and then you have to approve it.

  3. i won i won i won, I never win anything :) i feel super special!!! that is triple luck for me this week! :) thank you!


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