Friday, March 4, 2011

1,000 Items

The sofa bed is gone! And a small shelf, and many quite a few books. Video cassettes I sorted through 'ruthlessly' last Fall, but somehow they have been living in the trunk of my car. I don't use the trunk much. Today is their day.
While the rage is to be independent of possessions, I really don't see the point. Sometimes (yes, sometimes, only) I feel a little guilty looking in my closets and seeing items that my daughter will never want, and things that others would enjoy or use. And many of these fanatics think that 100 items is to strive for. ???? I call that crazy. I take more than 100 things in my luggage! I have more than 100 stashed yarns (not counting multiples of each yarn).
Do these shelves need a sorting? I think so too. However, the truth is, I just finished and took about 60 books off of it.

My daughter, the striving minimalist, is visiting. She's my cheerleader! When asked she says, "I don't want anything! (except a MacBook Air...)" I think she was a little surprised when I picked up the phone and asked ARC to drop by and pick up the sofa bed. The books are a drop off at the back door of the public library. How easy is that?
So why now? It started with a mural that was painted by my teen, ca. 1998. It's on a long wall in her bedroom. Every time she comes home, she offers to paint over it, and this time, I decided it's time. So, how do you do that?
1. Get rid of the 2-ton sofa bed in front of it.
2. Clean where the sofa bed was.
3. Move a bookshelf so that there's room to move the sofa bed through the doorway.
4. Unload everything on the bookshelf. (It was mightily stuck in the carpet.)
5. Clean the shelves, dust the books, and clean behind the shelves.
6. Sort through all the books.
7. Replace the books, and box up the ones that are not wanted.
8. Take a picture, and realize... what's the diff?
9. And of course, buy lots of Primer.


  1. yes, 1000 is a little better than 100! My needles might not all make the cut if I had to reduce to 100!!

    maybe 1000 per topic or area? yarns, books, needles, dishes...

  2. Thank you for saying what I've been thinking. We have a small house and even though I'm pretty ruthless about getting rid of "stuff", hubby and I have hobbies that require "stuff". Knitting alone is insane, but when you add in all the instruments we both play, it becomes fairly unmanageable. We always swore we'd make this house work...but one more instrument and the seams will pop!


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