Monday, February 28, 2011

Breaking Barriers

So much to say yesterday:
The barriers?  Lee has joined our group.  A fellow upstate New Yorker, he is also a fellow knitter, organist and dares to bring... needle point! to knit nite.  What's up with that???  Somehow he created a "tradition" and now every wedding expects something.  Here's his version of a grand piano, in Berlin design.
 Jee hosted this time.  Wine, teas, and Girl Scout cookies!  Her two stemmed orchid was a major attraction. And of course, the beginnings of a sock.
Thanks for having us!  And thanks for the loan of her camera, and 3 battery packs... Knitters are such a power drain!
 Ms's Loo and Koo are examining the art of slippers, W&T, M1, and the use of language to further encourage knitting habits. (There was some discussion about appropriate language used for dropped stitches and the purchase of pipe organs.)
 Unfortunately, I had such a difficult time getting the lighting right for Soo's baby sweater, that I forgot to get Soo in the picture.  Sorry.  She's our good will Maltese ambassador.  Getting a second front to match the first?  Some teeth gnashing, and correct needle size accompanied the process, but all ended well.  Love those colors - subtle, muted, baby soft.
See you all soon!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Knitters Part One

Every two weeks we get together.  Nothing structured, just knit, gab and nibble. We are Knit One, Drink Too.
Bee (featured previously) is enjoying a little warmth from her scarf which is long enough to wrap around her neck.  It's a beautiful, yummy soft, textured masterpiece!  Someone's going to be lucky...
 Dee is going in circles.  A baby blanket under way.  I see loaning needles in my future...

 And Dr. P is smiling like she's ready to move to Wisconsin!  Knit on, Friend!  There's more winter to come.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Double the fun!

Double knitting
A little slow going to begin with but that's mainly because I can't believe my eyes!  It makes no sense that it should turn out as lovely as it does.
I've been looking for something to make with Kauni:

The same piece on reverse sides.
More later, when the colors change... it will be awhile...Loooong colors.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What will it look like?

Self-striping yarns:  I have quite a collection, and never know exactly what I'm getting.  Here are two that I bought last summer.
Three really:
But two I've knitted:

The blue, which I haven't used yet, will probably seem tame compared to these.  I think they are very fun color combinations!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Starting again

Alternating days of sunshine and snow.  Sorry, folks:  This is what I call "snow".
No real accumulation. Just a stiff wind and flurries. (That's why I live in NM.)

The weather and the month of February, having finished a bunch of things, makes me do this:
Notice the baby bonnet is missing.   It's packed and sent East.  And I forgot to photograph my socks that are in other bags, 3 rows of one sock, and the ever daunting Skew sock which hasn't been moved from its resting place since... October.
I'm so thankful I have drawers...
Priority #1:  C's brown shawl.  I need to get several inches done before Monday so she can take over. (Upper right)
Priority #2:  Mittens (lower right) which will be combination of convertible and cupcakes.  Wish me luck! Latest deadline (if they are for this winter) is March 15.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday: What's on Needles?

This is the baby bonnet I love to knit because I know it works so well on children.  This one is destined to Western New York, where there's still plenty of winter left.  It's for my cousin's one-year old.
Pattern:  Garnstudio Ravelry Link and Pattern Link.

Bonnet and Model
Next, the never-ending Europa Shawl (Crescent version) which has been across the Pacific twice. Ready to start Chart D.  Charts A, B, and C are completed, and it's nothing but decreases now!
Plus, many more that are waiting patiently in the time-out drawer.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Something amazing, simple, and Gosh... why don't I have one?  Click here:
Gosh Yarn It!

This is a solution to yarn twisting from pulling from the center of a ball, and/or keeping your yarn from rolling away from you while knitting.
While I have the latter problem taken care of with my favorite "yarn jar", who knows what's happening inside the jar when I'm pulling on the yarn?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Flying with needles

It's fly home time!  Having completed my one project and handing it off, I'm left with my daughter's scarf.  (Seascape)
I'm always eager to fix and complete projects.  I don't have to make any major decisions... just knit.
As soon as I started the first stitch, and I felt how slippery the needles are (good ol' Aero circulars) I started counting the hours until I could get them home to some needles that would grip better.
And the yarn is so... lace-like... I thought I liked lace but the fuzziness of this is peculiar interesting yarn makes it quite the challenge.
My daughter purchased this yarn in Norway to accompany her on her year long-round the world voyage.  First stop, Spain: cast on.  Second stop:  Colorado:  a few rows,  Next:  Pacific Ocean, Australia, Cambodia, Indian Ocean, Dubai, with little or nothing knitted.  Finally after 6 months  it returned to Norway and was knitted on up to the point you see above.
Now it is in my care.  I'm sure she misses it... ??... and it kept me occupied on my flights from Puerto Rico to New Mexico.
Here's it's status:

Yarn: Golden Line Superior by Filatura Di Crosa Lace / 2 ply 70% Cashmere, 30% Silk 25g/330 yards

Saturday, February 19, 2011


Some of the decor in the Adriatic Lounge.  No story, just for fun.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Carnival Luxury!

Although Carnival does not have a reputation for luxury travel, our cabin was, by far, the most luxurious.  How can that be, without a balcony?  I don't know, but it was.  It was much larger than any other cabin, with or without a balcony.  And wide!
Can you see hubby sitting next to the window? The window was huge, we felt like we could dance there.  It was a comfortable size for a hotel room.
The week before we were in a very cramped room, where one person would run into herself let alone 2 or 4 visitors.  There was about 24 inches of clearance between bed and cabinets, the modern sink (10"x12" oval) was in the room, and the "modern sitting area" was a couch that was curved convex-ly so that sitting on it with three people meant they were all facing away from each other.  Impossible to stretch out on, too.  (The Carnival sofa to the right in the picture above was way longer than me...)  And (my last rant) the "unique bathroom treatment" meant that to get in and out of the room you walked between the shower and toilet.  I wasn't impressed... And I worried for people who are bigger than me...I don't think they could use their facilities...Where did they shower?

Epic (NCL) Balcony ;  Wake up to gorgeous views from the floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open to your private balcony. All staterooms feature a completely unique bathroom treatment where every area is separate, including the shower and a modern vanity sink. Additionally, the walls are curved, helping to create a modern and chic living experience. There are also two lower beds and a sitting area in these staterooms with room for up to three guests.  Approx. Size: 216 (including balcony) sq. ft.
Here's the floor plan. It's an interesting shape.
And pictures in both directions:

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Here's the picture that was supposed to go with Monday's blog post.  This friendly and smiling woman was selling jewelry on the beach of St. Kitt's.  This island was remarkable for their non-aggressive manners.
We noticed this immediately at the pier when we were allowed to ask for a ride and even at the end of the ride, no one asked for payment!  That's a first!!  Then my daughter was told casually to take her time getting set up at the beach, and IF she wanted a massage "I'll be right over there."  That's what I call relaxation.
In contrast, on St. Lucia we were followed and repeatedly pestered to get a ride.  Finally inside a building they left us alone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Dollars in St. Kitts

Friendly super not pushy sellers in St.Kitts. This woman was selling jewelry and I had to help her out. I like to support enterprising women.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dinner with the chef

What a meal.  You'll have to see for the best description.  Four appetizers in the galley, and 7 courses in the "library".

Executive Chef Ajit pouring my Pumpkin Soup

A variety of desserts.  Maybe if you click on the photo it will be clearer.  All of the plates were this enormous size.

Friday, February 11, 2011

New things to do!

I want one! 
C and I toured the coast of Barbados on a segway for about 2 hours.  It was amazing!!  This is one of those blogs where I can use lots of !!!!
The coast was rocky with sandy places, Atlantic Ocean spraying, and we managed to stay on the two wheels with no problem.  We were on some seldom used roads and trails, among the cattle and sheep.  Very wind swept.
And such a sense of accomplishment!

Suited up, hair net and all!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Travel with the GEEKS

Warm Yet?

News from Tuesday:  I know. It's February, isn't it, and I'll be back in the chill in a week. Meanwhile I'm floating along heading to the southernmost clime of this excursion: Barbados.
Yesterday started out rather poorly with a near blind hubby. As he removed his glasses the night before they broke in half. (His twistable unbreakable frames--this is the second time. ) and with only his prescription goggles to fall back on. .. Only Robert DiNero could pull that off. We spent some time tracking down duct tape and rubber bands to keep them on his face only to have them fall onto his breakfast plate at a table of strangers. We are a constant source of entertainment. The rest of the family avoided us like the plague until we got misguided information about the location of an optical shop. We were on St.Thomas and after an unnecessary trip to town found (within walking distance of the pier) a great place with frames that fit his lenses. That we managed to get away under $150 and to the beach by noon was a miracle.
So there you have it: day one of cruise two!
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Mick on beach

A little past noon on the same day:  The cormorant appeared as a surprise as I snapped the shot.  There were several diving and fishing among us. (Magens Bay, St. Thomas. USVI)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Geocache PR

My new geocache friends in San Juan.  What could be better than to have a friend ask her nephew-in-law look after us in Puerto Rico?  To find that Sammy and his children were geocachers. That's the ultimate!  And my family was super happy THEY weren't dragged around by me...

Here's Joel pulling the cache out of its hiding place on the public dock and then go announcing to his father and the world:  We found it!!

On my mind

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend update!

One cruise ship: Epic
Two destinations: Miami and San Juan PR.
Three islands: St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Nassau.
Four loads of laundry
Five passengers: J M C H and Juju.
Six meals a day.
Seven nights on board
Eight games of ping pong
Nine trivia challenges
Ten days left.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winner over the Rockies

What a beautiful sunrise over the Rockies. I am so lucky that almost every trip I take begins or ends with a scene like this.
(Winner is my knitting project for the next few weeks. I'll be keeping posts brief due to time and Internet availability. )

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