Thursday, January 27, 2011


AGAIN, slippers.  Like other knitters who get requests and sort of end up in a rut, slippers seem to be the popular item around here.  One lucky friend has a family of a dozen or so who all got slippers for Christmas.  She's ready to go to the funny farm... Another Canadian from the northern climes has been on a hat binge. (Each one is a masterpiece!) Everyone wants to be HER friend!
I started knitting slippers in mid-November, and noticed hat my slippers were worn out.  How difficult is it to knit selfishly for oneself? Well, after 3 pairs, I started on these.  All mine!
The pattern:  Felted Slippers by Midnattsol from Midnattsol's Blog, women's (medium) size. Used US#10 needles, 19 stitches wide blocks.  Pre-felting size: 13 inches long; Aprés Felting: 9 inches.
The Yarn:  Classic Wool Merino and Classic Wool by Patons Worsted / 10 ply 100% Wool, Merino 223 yards.  The Classic Wool (red) felted more than the Merino (blue) not really distinguishable in size, but the Merino has a softer, more flexible texture.
Even without the finishing soles in place, I'm enjoying them. Truth be told, I can find only one of the soles...Bring on the cold!

PS.  I cheated... I tucked in the pointy toes with a few stitches before felting.


  1. Last year was my "Year of the Hat". Now that I've said that, I realize that this year I've made 2 of the Better Bucket hats, 2 of the Brattleboro hats, and am working on one of those adorable baby hats you recommended. Oh, and a watch cap and a helmet liner for my husband. So perhaps every year is Year of the Hat. LOL!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I like to link to 'new' blogs as I'm always looking for a new one to read. I was surprised to see my picture come up. Thanks again.


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