Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, Old Projects

One of those things:  I frogged, I dropped stitches, I measured, and now this:
Look how beautiful the top half is.  It's NOT the lighting, it truly is smooth and beautiful.  Look how uneven the bottom half is!! I'm truly hoping for a blocking miracle...this time I realize the difference is that the bottom part is using previously knitted yarn.  (cotton)  So it has a kink in it, I guess.  Will it still be noticeable after blocking?  What say ye?  Anyone with experience in this, let me know if I should throw in the towel, frog my beautiful stitches, and re-use the yarn!  (Seems a shame, doesn't it?)


  1. First, I'd say', it's a little girls dress. Who will notice while she wears it. Then I'd say, "Oh, her mother will notice." My knitting never looks that nice, so I'd just leave it. But I'm not you.

  2. I'm pretty sure it will even out when you wash it. why not soak it and dry it now?(yes, on the needles) Then if it hasn't improved to your standards you can frog it.

  3. oh, the next blog I looked at has your answer-

  4. Oh! Thanks for the link. It looks like a blog I want to read ALL the time! My blue "body" is going for a bath right now! Fingers crossed...


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