Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mission Impossible

I love my neighbor.  He does so much for us, and I really "owe" him...  so when he brings a "great yard sale buy" like a wool pullover, with numerous moth holes, and asks me if I can fix it... ?? What do I say?  I'll give it a try.  I did request that he have it dry cleaned (how happy would I be to infest my stash...?) and find appropriate wool to do said repair.  I figured if it really was going to be meaningful to him, he needed to invest a little time and $$ too.  And he did!
So here's what I have to work with:

The "matching" yarn isn't a match at all, but considering we have no LYSes less than 60 miles away, I'm working with an off color, and acrylic yarn.  There are probably a dozen places to repair, mostly on the back, and I warned him about my sock darning skills.  He had a look at my first attempt and I have the nod to continue with the rest of it.  The caveat is that when he wears it, expect other places to pull apart, and I'll see what I can do.
Here's the first attempt.
I know:  If it was my purchase, I would throw it in the washer on hot, and make beautiful mittens.


  1. Oh my...well, it's a lovely stitch pattern. LOL! You're a braver woman than I to tackle such a project. Good luck!!!

  2. Colour match or not, I'm impressed with your work. That is exactly the repair I was asked to do last week on a Dale of Norway sweater and mine wasn't half so good as yours.

  3. Definitely a challenging project, but it sounds like a possible project. Your work so far looks good to me! What beautiful cables.


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