Saturday, January 1, 2011

I NEVER drop stitches...

At least I see them when I drop them.  Really, the thought crossed my mind about a week ago that I never drop stitches anymore.  What do I get?  A jolt of reality...
I'm at Knit nite and suddenly, in mid show-off, I notice that the pattern wasn't quite right, and there was a lonely stitch staring at me (WAAAAY down at the bottom).  There was discussion amongst us.... to pick up or to sew it in?  Ach, I said.  I'll pick it up--it will even out.  Now I'm not so sure.  Using 100% cotton, what do you think?  Here's what it looks like today. Eventually it will be blocked and I'll report back.
It's on the right, and of course, accentuated by picking up an extra green at the bottom.  The lack of green is what tipped me off in the first place. Do I go back and fix the green?  A part of me says:  Don't be so OC(D).  And a bigger part says:  I can fix it...and I'll feel better.
Time will tell.
The crazy part:  I dropped another stitch yesterday... in another garment... and when I finished picking it up it looks the same.  It's in a wool and I wonder if it will take care of itself...
It's the bunched up stitches in the center.  Meanwhile, the rest of the stitches look particularly nasty... Can I try to explain the hole, and the jumbled mess?  What you are looking at is a sleeve, the underarm decreases knitted from the body to the cuff.  Already, I think the wool is going to be more forgiving than the cotton.  I'm praying to the gods of blocking!
Just goes to show what I'll do to avoid frogging.

Happy New Year!

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