Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Follow-up Mission

I used 9 safety-pins to mark places needing repair.  The worst place is on the back, where there was a cluster of broken threads.  Surprisingly, the repairs went rather quickly, and although there was no matching yarn, it depends on the light.
Here's natural light from the window:
This was the worst patch, in the middle of the back.  A fine pullover if you can stand the heat while wearing a jacket!
The no flash picture indoors:
Most of the other places to repair were not so obvious:
Why is it so difficult (for me) to duplicate stitch on the reverse side of stockinette?  And after I sweat bullets over it, I wonder if it would have been easier by stitching from the inside?  Hmmm.  Anyone tried that?  I feel like I learned something about the structure of stitches in this project and maybe I'll say NO next time.  It wasn't that much fun, and of course, IF it was a garment I was creating, I would have ripped back to the offending area.
It's done for now, and I'm back to finishing up other small projects.  What should I take on my next cruise?


  1. don't take beads. drop them and they'll roll into the ocean.

  2. Might not have been fun, but it IS impressive! ;-) You really did a great job with that sweater.


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