Friday, January 7, 2011

Darn it!

I have a little pile of socks... pairs of socks, a growing pile.  And I'm afraid to wear them.  What a shame!
The's cold, outside and in:
And these are my warmest, favorite socks.  They are made from real, shrinkable, slightly scratchy, Norwegian Rauma fin ull (wool).  Aren't they a hoot?  They are my Miss Marple Mystery socks. They are made up of so many patterns and techniques, I have become quite attached.  But see the little hole?  I was so surprised, because I don't usually see holes.  This doesn't mean that I don't wear my socks, but I just thought they were infallible. It turns out that once I started looking, I found several pair with holes and almost holes (thread-bare).  So I made a pile.
Yesterday, I finally decided that I would take a moment and darn.  I was surprised how quickly it went, and suddenly I have my old socks back, like new.  Ahemmm.. No, not new in the sense that they are pristine, but very much my favorite.
Really, folks, who sees the bottom of your socks, besides someone who does your laundry (that would be me) and your fellow knit club members?  And they certainly understand.
So I'm a darn'er with a free spirit.  I have yet to darn with the same yarn from the sock, and here you have it:  The darning egg, er, my glasses case.  It's firm, easy to handle, fits into a sock, and has enough grip to stay put.
See how nicely it fits?  Well, it was a bit slippery, but it worked!
Since most of the threads were still there, I was able to duplicate-stitch with yarn I had left over from another pair of socks.  I used TOFUtsies.  I think it will have some extra strength.  (It's interesting that if your socks are going to wear somewhere, it will be the same for all of your socks. Of course, everyone will wear through at their own particular place.  I bet NCIS knows all about that.)

Yes, I'm left-handed.

All done!
Yes, and the toes are different...

I'm toasty again! A quick fix! (I watched darning videos while I was darning. It sort of was a stamp of approval on my method.)


  1. Well-darned, I mean well done!

    I have this bag of hole-y socks and ends of balls of sock yarns, and have divided it up in My Sock Club-but as I started the first pair I realized, too, that it is rewarding and really doesn't take that long! (my holes are at the bottom of the heel, in case I go missing and you need to give Mark Harmon a clue as to how to identify my trail of socks)

    You inspire me to press on and finish the whole un-darned lot of them!

  2. Darn it. Now I have to do something smart.

  3. Not all of us darn our socks. but, like you , I darn mine.


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