Sunday, December 5, 2010

What a story! Time to donate...

Tis' the season for giving:
My morning ritual includes listening to NPR's Morning Edition or All Things Considered.  That's where I get most of the answers to "Wait, Wait, don't tell me".
A few days ago I listened to a report about girls in a school in Kandahar, and when I heard those girls speak in amazingly perfect English, and listened to their aspirations, and ...  well, my first thought was how could I go there and help them out.  With a little googling, I found that they really only want people who live in Afghanistan, or at least know the language, so my current employers are safe. (Given the chance, I would be on a plane...)
Here's the report:  NPR

Since there was no information about how to contact the agency responsible for this, I looked it up and donated $$.  It's called the Afghan School Project run by the Afghan-Canadian Community Center. Everything I read is impressive, and maybe you'll feel something, too.
PS.  Really, I've been knitting, too.  Maybe tomorrow...

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