Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Slipper project

Produced two different slippers this past month.  The first is a pattern I queued a year ago and seeing another type (the clog), I decided to give it a go.  Starting the clog (#2 below) I realized that I had to count, which I try to avoid when possible. That one went to the shelf, and I completed #1 to my delight, without having to think.
Here's #1.  The strip of blocks on the left is sewn into the slipper shape.  It's a miracle, I tell you!
When I looked at the diagram, I couldn't see it.  After I sewed the first few seams, I couldn't see it.  And when I had one seam left, I still was a non-believer.  Faith, my child!
Definitely a project that is worthy of knitting on Knit Nite (i.e. no thought/mindless knitting)

Then it was on to #2.  It went faster once I had a little experience. The finishing:
One sewn and felted.
Suede soles sewn in place.
Ready for packing!  And off in the mail.
#1:  I love the simplicity of the knitting.  I like the "cute" design.  The above pair are alternating colors in the "blocks" however, in progress I have one long strip of a single color, with the possibility of having a contrasting top.  After poring over the construction, I've come to understand where the top flaps are in the diagram (i.e. the unsewn edges).  Definitely suede soles are the answer.  I purchased mine through Knitpicks.  They come with pre-punched holes and matching nylon/wool blend yarn.  Only in gray, but they will be in contact with the floor.  Worked in single strand wool.

#2:  I like the shape.  If they turn out the "right" size they are very comfortable, otherwise, too big and they will "slip" off.  The pattern takes some counting for the decreases, and I will be more careful about the seam around the soles. (I didn't use a loose enough stitch.) Knowing this, my second pair will probably be more pleasing to my discerning eye.  Bigger needles than #1 means they are bigger before felting, however, probably the same number of stitches.  The sole is doubled, so suede soles are not absolutely necessary, but probably recommended.  Worked in doubled wool yarn. (Same yarn as #1.)
Has anyone out there worn these types of slippers?  What about static?  I worn #1 to the next room and back, before the suede soles were put on, and found I can use them for a cleaning product!  Like those dusting gloves, but for the floor... (I vacuumed them before finishing and sending off.)

More information (pattern and wool links) from a previous post HERE.

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