Thursday, December 9, 2010

Maybe next time...

The first time, it's too big.  Looks like it may fit a 4 year old.  And I'm knitting with the recommended yarn, and getting gauge!  However, the dimensions on this Danish pattern are too big for a 1-1/2 year old.  At least MY 1-1/2 year old.
Here's the fun part:  
 Truly, it's really interesting to knit.  What isn't so much fun is trying to make out what the pattern is calling for.  And in paragraph form, it was VERY interesting.
I determined that I wasn't doing myself any favors if I struggled along a second time, so this time I took the time to write out the pattern, as I interpreted it, in English.  Any Danes out there, have a look and see what you think it should be.
Meanwhile, I couldn't wait to get started again.  Besides switching the bright red and the maroon colors, I'm sure I'm adhering more to the pattern.  See below (my remake) to compare to the first model.
Here's a sample of the Danish: (The pattern does the back and front separately.)
Strik 1 p(2 r sm, slå om p)med gul, 1 p vr and 1 p perle med lime (perle=skiftevis 1 r, 1 vr p hen), 1 p ret med pink, 1 p vr med rød, 1 p (2 vr med orange, 2 r med gul), ....
Here's my interpretation: (Re-written for circular needles so I could do the front and back at the same time.)

Row 1:  Knit 1 row (k2tog, yo) with yellow, Row 2:   knit with lime, Row 3:  pearl stitch (k1, p1) with lime. Row 4:  Purl with pink  Row 5:   Purl with red  Row 6:  k2 with orange & p2 with yellow
And I have substituted blue for the yellow.  The yellow hasn't been available for the past 2 years!  Seriously!  The orange isn't available either, but that didn't bother me.  I prefer the maroon.

Nice yarn.  The first sweater I made from this same booklet, for my newborn granddaughter. She cried she was so happy!

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