Monday, December 13, 2010

In's and Out's of Music

My Ebonies and Ivories have a problem.  And it's not ALL me... something isn't working correctly which doesn't matter when it comes to playing, just the sound.  

Organ playing can be beautiful and brutal.  It's a wonderful instrument with vast changes of sounds and power--real power. (I'm talking shake the rafters power.!)  The problem with the instrument I'm playing right now is that every sound has to be set manually.  So?  What does that mean besides reaching up and flicking a switch?  First off, there are LOTS of switches.  Second, hitting the correct switch(es) in the split second that you need it, say, between eighth notes, and using those same fingers to keep playing is pretty tricky.  Third, I'm entirely spoiled.  Up until last summer, I was used to using my feet to make major changes in registration (that's the word we use for turning on a whole lot of pipes and making a particular sound).  Then, that ability was suddenly taken away by some force of "age of the instrument" and I'm left relying on my fingers.  It's scary.  I often find I can't be as creative, and more often, I don't get the sound I want.
Thanks for listening!  As if my hardships are hardly hardships... just a little frustrating.  Anyone knowing anyone with the ability to fix such things, leave a comment!  I'll get back to you!
Meanwhile, here's the lovely instrument, and some of it's inner workings. (I took these to send to people who might be able to help.)
The culprit

The rest of the Beast Instrument

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