Friday, December 10, 2010

Counting up!

The Old 
The old...(frogged)
The new... changed colors!
The story:  Started more than a year ago, I love the looks of this pattern, and even though it wasn't small enough for my little one, I HAD to get my needles into it.  Even though it's in nasty Danish, and very confusing, I knitted up the border in the first picture.   

I finished it enough to know that it's still too big, but... what a swatch!  
I did the math to calculate an appropriate size for the near future. Then, due to the frustration of the Danish instructions, a friend encouraged me to write it out in a form that wouldn't be so prone to exclamations and language  that I wouldn't want to associate with my little one.
And it worked!  And this is what I have now.  AND I'm happy to say it went quickly with clear instructions, and fewer stitches!  Happy DAY!!  Next I have 12+ inches of blue...
Another (happy) day.

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  1. Lovely! I especially like the shot of green in there with all the pretty pinks and roses.


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