Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Somehow, Cambodia keeps popping up.  I'm sure I could say that of many places around the world, but remember last summer?  The Miss Landmine Cambodia display? I wrote about it with a variety of reactions/non-reactions from readers. Though there was only one comment, I heard verbally about it too.

Now Cambodia is back in my news:  My daughter is there.  She and hubby are traveling (extensively) and part of the plan is to volunteer somewhere for even a short length of time.  Here's the beginning of her volunteering choice:  An orphanage in Cambodia.  (By clicking on "HOME" at the top of her blog, you can scroll down to see other posts, such as the grand entry into Cambodia and cruising.) She did a great job of finding things to donate.  The cruise ship donated materials and she picked up 2 laptops in Sydney through Craig's List purchased personally.  She figured that even if they were "hot off the street" they are still going to a good cause. 

In September, H volunteered in Haiti.  His comments are included in Jujubebaby and can be found by going to the archive and finding September 11, 16, and 19.
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