Monday, October 4, 2010


We parked here at the dock last night after traveling less than 25 miles from Moorea. Tahiti Moorea and Bora Bora are all Fr Polynesia. From the show South Pacific I should have known that Bali Hai was a mountain but I was duly impressed when we approached yesterday morning. Clouds catching the mountain tops made the rocking and pitching of the past 4 days to get here a distant memory. The pools inboard became raucous seas. Remember the stationary pool table on the Carribean ? Just like that only the water is trying to be stationary. I have another of my famous videos to show before and after but no promises when I'll get it posted.
Yesterday we found a tour to take us around the island of Moorea. It is the least developed of the three. We had fleeting sunshine and some liquid sunshine (as our guide said).
We had been closed out of tours offered by the ship so we located one at the dock. A wonderful native Tahitian young woman who offered to take our money and drive us to the bus tour that had just left. Looked like our best offer so we (P & I) jumped into a newer model jeep along with another couple and experienced island driving at its best! Our young woman driver tore out of the parking/dock area with Tahitian fire in her eyes and the sea of people opened up as if she was Moses! Once we hit the solitary paved road that rims the island she careened through gawking tourists, narrowly missing anyone who set foot on the pavement.

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