Saturday, October 30, 2010


How can I describe it?  A furry animal that seems a bit evil:
Opossum: A marsupial with a ratlike prehensile tail and hind feet with an opposable thumb.
In New Zealand, it's a pest.  Hunted by the gajillions just to get rid of it.  Making a killing in more ways that one... now used up to 40% in various yarns in combination with merino wools.  Get your souvenir Possum Fur Nipple Warmers here!
In Australia, it's a protected species!  (I didn't declare my yarns at Australian customs for fear of starting a protest.)  Can't touch the hair on their heady-head-head!
Worldwide: Available at Etsy.

 After a chilly walk around Auckland in great contrast to the South Pacific islands I hastily picked up needles and planned for some ear-warmth by our next stop.  The rest of our cruise would be in the colder southern climes. My little bit of heaven made from Touch Possum Yarn, merino wool 60%, Possum Fur 30%, Nylon 10%.  My fashion design and toasty.  (I could tell others were envious.)

See previous blog for modeling on-site (NZ).


  1. Please tell me about wearing the Possum. Is it scratchy? I just purchased two skeins of yarn with Possum for socks for my Grandson. No I'm worried he will find it too scratchy

  2. Not scratchy! I used it over my ears, and it was yummy soft and warm.

  3. not scratchy at all! mine sheds as I knit with it, though after being frogged and re-knit i don't see so much shedding. mittens are thumbless and the hat is finally past the crown-had to dig out the memories of pi-r-squared and pi-d to determine the size-think i've got it now!

  4. Honestly, I simply cannot bear the thought of wearing possum fur. Seen to many of those nasty little critters wandering around the neighborhood, and I truly have an aversion to it. Your project looks lovely...wish you had told me it was something else. LOL!


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