Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Ideas from Hege

Her Ravelry site has given me inspirations to... KNIT!!  I probably don't need all that much of a push but I've been slowed down for a month or so by "activities" of the cruise/holiday sort.  Time to buckle down!
Here's an idea for a kerchief called Criminal Minds Mystery Kerchief.  It's a KAL... etc.

Meanwhile I'm knitting a-long on my Europa Shawl.  After many detours in the past few months (i.e. FO's & UFO's) I sat down yesterday and was able to complete 3 rows with no dirty words attached!  I blame it on the ship's motion.
Here's my new view:
How much did I accomplish on the cruise (in 5 weeks)?  Not so much on this project.  This one was the go-to project when I had the deadlines met for my other works.  See the three horizontal sections? When I left home I was in the middle of the middle section.  When I arrived home I was half way between the top and the lifeline. (Gotta move that lifeline...)


  1. the shawl is looking good!! Much more impressive progress since I left you in LA. I've both of Holden's mittens ready for thumbs, and have ripped the hat back a little again. I showed him the hat on Skype and he said it needs to be bigger. Today I'm making a hat for sailors on a naval vessel.

    I'm all for Rhinebeck-or MD Sh & W, or any of the others...

  2. I liken knitting ambitions versus knitting results to plates heaped higher than I'll ever eat.

  3. Looks good! And I agree with Brenda re the knitting ambitions. :-)


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