Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A few pics

Yesterday was our birthday day with extreme do everything day.

We participated in a record number of games in honor of the birthday boy and had a party with 5 little girls in a closed dining area within reach of the buffet. Picture dozens of tables with fine dining water glasses and five under five sugar high bodies playing with balloons and automatic sliding doors. Management and some unsuspecting passengers quickly realized how this event, had it been held in a more public area, say, a formal dining room, could have turned ugly. The only other birthday parties we have attended onboard have been in the kids' playrooms. It was fun for the adults and a delicious cake, special ordered, was a hit. Of course, for more details you can hear about it at jujubebaby.blogspot.com and for more pictures of the cruise, life and living take a look at picasa.
Tuesday, October 12, 2010.
The last of the tropical islands are just off the bow this morning. Docking at Fiji in the eastern hemisphere. Tonight we head south to New Zealand.
Position this morning: South 18' 07.91 East 178' 24.11

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