Thursday, October 14, 2010


Still heading south. Today is Friday and by the time we rolled out of bed we were at the dock. Tonight we leave after dark so city lights will be all we'll see.
First off we found a yarn shop within sight of the ship. What about that possum yarn? There goes my yarn diet! C found something she wants for Juju but we had to run off without further purchases.
My friend from the past (we see each other every 12 years) picked us up and we were whisked away across the harbor to Devonport. A pretty island-like community on a peninsula. We talked and talked and looked for several caches unsuccessfully. We found another yarn shop which had lovely soft possum blends made into irresistible samples. We didn't resist. The area is as pretty and exotic looking as I remembered. I still believe that the birds sing in a foreign language.
Back in the city P and I headed back to "the only yarn shop left in Auckland city center". After picking up a little more yarn we were rewarded by locating this Internet cafe. An hour well spent.
Still no pictures.  Blogger isn't giving me the usual options, so you'll have to imagine!!
In a week, we'll have exhausted New Zealand, and we'll be thinking of home...

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  1. I've looked at that possum yarn but can't get past the possum part. LOL!


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