Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The view!

Every morning I get up and see this... WOW!
Orchid, Morning Glory, and Roses
My 4 blossoms on the orchid plant tend to look naked, but not with a background of morning glories. Since I took this mid-day, the morning glories are few, but my "black" roses in the garden are amazing!  Lest you think I'm boasting about my green thumb prowess, you should know that I'm a "whatever happens happens" gardener.
The orchid:  When I arrived home after a 2 month journey, the previous blossoms had just been swept up and a new stem had grown towards the window and through the blinds.  The extent of my care: I forced the stem up, staked it and now have 4 blossoms.
The Morning Glories:  I planted them... 10-15 years ago...  And they reseed themselves.  I take down the dead plants with a shake (my extent of seeding) in the Fall, and return the lattice in the Spring.
The Black Rose:  Bought that plant...10-15 years ago...  Planted it, prune it sometimes twice a year, and turn on the auto timer irrigation water in the Spring.
I'm a busy woman!  I need my time to knit!

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  1. My morning glories are blooming now, too. Big, deep purple ones. Love 'em!


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