Sunday, September 5, 2010

Totah Festival

An event that occurs yearly in our town is a Native American Pow-wow and Market, with Soooo many vendors these days, it's hard to believe.  There are 100's and come from all over.  The ones I spoke to were only from the Navajo tribe, and here are some pictures.
Navajo Taco available at several locations.
Food booths were plentiful, with long lines.  The best bet was to get your Navajo Taco and Fry Bread in the parking lot, off location.
Dancing competitions were all day for two days.
I enjoyed the  "grandmas dancing"
Everyone was instructed to stand during their dances out of respect.
They had a lot of costume for 90 degree weather!
Not a Grandma.
Vendors inside:
Thousands of people were there.  I saw lots of people I knew!
(I was volunteering to selling tickets for a raffle and posters.)

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