Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Shedding a Light on Countdown

My short blog from Monday evening was my attempt to let everyone know:
1.  They arrived.... C, H, and juju used 5 weeks to get to San Francisco.  Mick flew out there on Sunday afternoon, and arrived back 31 hours later.  For the latest highlights and advice on travel see:  Juju's Story.
2.  The quilt that needed to disappear by Labor Day... is finished put away.  I tried.  Really, but I overestimated my abilities.... (Maybe in November... or... who am I kidding?  It will be lucky to surface again in my lifetine!)
It's a "real" scrap quilt.  I'm making it because at a weak moment I decided to bust my fabric stash. I don't know what size I'm making or why or for whom, and no pattern--I'm just throwing pieces together.  Well, if that throwing bit were true, I'd be finished by now, yes?  So instead, I cut some pieces and look at it, and I look at patterns, and I sew and I move it around and... can you see why I'm not done?  I really put time in yesterday, as in 12 hours with a few hours off, and I added one (ONE) strip on one (ONE) side.
When I got the call that my family would be arriving in 4 hours, I put it together enough to make sure that when I get it out again, I'll have a plan to duplicate, and no more thinking involved. Now it's all nicely stowed in a tub to be forgotten  for just the right moment.  Good: There were lots of fabric removed from my stash. And snippings got thrown OUT. Bad:  It's in another sort of stash, labeled "UFO's".
2.1  The room needed to be useable tidied up to prevent a 14.5 month old from doing real damage to herself (i.e. ironing board, scissors, pins) or to me (i.e. unsorting of piles of pieces, and a place to sleep).  Here's before:
And after:
I like before and after pictures that have a happy ending!!

3. Will have to wait.  The dress that fits.... Juju is wearing it! Sans button:  See Princess Top.

Now do you know why I'm smiling??


  1. maybe you need to stop emailing the posts to me...then my comments would be here. I'd check anyway with my normal daily circuit of fborfw and dizzy deal, then a few blogs. I try to stay updated on the important things!

  2. Wow, you are busy!!! The quilt is lovely. :-)

  3. Wow! I wish I could 'after' my house to look as good as yours.


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