Thursday, September 9, 2010

Non-Labor Caching

I took a walk on Monday.  With Dr. Beverly Casebolt, our pooch, named after the famous Soprano Beverly Sills, and (after Monday's walk) also named after a certain up-there-in-years-walk-circles-around-you, Dr. D Casebolt.  I thought he retired 20 years ago, but every time I see him he's been "helping out" at the hospital.
Rabbit Brush in bloom, every September!
Probably 15 years ago I went on a mountain hike with Dr. C.  We were at 9-10 thousand feet elevation, and I was glad we had him nearby.  Not only was he nearby, but he stayed behind to make sure I made it without calling for an ambulance!  I can't/couldn't believe he was in such good shape.  He commented that his lung capacity was larger than normal, and I guess that's what is needed in thin air.
Monday's canyon walk
The trail started at 10,000 feet and descended into a valley to 9,000 feet. The return trip was the "gotcha"... and it got me!  After a few switchbacks, I was ready to sit down, and after a few more, I did sit down.  Dr. C was monitoring all this, and everyone else merrily traipsed up the trail. Sooner than later, Dr. C recommended that I get the full benefit of each pause by lying down, so at every switchback, the two of us would drop to the ground and lie motionless for a minute or two.  Actually, I was the one who "dropped to the ground".
Dr. Beverly Casebolt
So 15 years later, I see Dr. C walking at a racer's pace up and down the road, doing his 3 mile loop.  I've seen him walking up into the canyon that Beverly and I visited on Monday.  And since Beverly is 14 years old, deaf, half blind and still wagging her tail and sniffing everything, and doing the same 3 miles but turning it into 5 miles I think she deserves to be a DR.
What's this?  Any guesses?
Oh, yeah, and we found the cache.

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  1. the owner of a soon-to-be 13-year old dog, this post really touched me. May Dr. Bev walk on for many more years!


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