Thursday, September 2, 2010

A New Appeal

Some of you may be aware that Son-in-law is leaving tomorrow for Haiti to volunteer time and energy to a project by Hands On Disaster Response.  It is something that many of us think about but few act on.  So here's the pitch:  They are currently working on rebuilding schools in the city of Léogane, 18 miles W of Port au Prince.  
Here's a video showing the construction:

And here's a link to a newsletter for Hands On DR.  When I went to this link, my computer tried to convince me that awful things were going to happen to me and my computer, but nothing did.  (For you to decide.)  And in the right margin of the screen you will see more short videos of life in Léogane.

If you should so choose to give $$$ to this organization, you can approach it from my daughter's blog, where they are trying to raise $750.  Your contribution would be appreciated.

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