Monday, September 20, 2010

Family (PHOTO) Update

The Hubby!  Happy Birthday, Today!
He's been a (trumpet) performing fiend: Since Thursday, with Trumpet Geezers (2 gigs) and San Juan Symphony (3 gigs) (++rehearsals), and continuing today with two school concerts taking place 60 miles apart. For the past 3 weeks he's been Dad #1 to his daughter and granddaughter.  I don't know who has had more fun...

The daughter... packing repacking, remembering to feed the toddler, becoming more and more bored with a routine.  Expresses herself HERE. She had a birthday recently, too.
We've been getting updates from the S-I-L who is in Haiti.  Working hard, and playing chess.  We will be reunited tomorrow.

And the focus of every day:  

How did this happen?  20 lbs. and 29-1/2 inches tall!  We marked the wall.

Me?  Aw, shucks, nothin'...
A collection of travel bugs to be moved
A collection of library books to return
A collection of knitting projects to... finish
Bags to pack, repack or... something!
Twenty-four hours and it will be sealed!


  1. Grandpa sure appears to be having fun. And The Trumpet Geezers?? What a great name.

  2. Happy Birthday, Mick!

    I'm going to miss you Julia.

  3. Happy belated birthday to Mick - love the pictures of your family. Hope all your travels are safe and wonderful!


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