Sunday, August 8, 2010

Yellowstone NP

I know... Yellowstone Nat'l Park, the most popular of parks, in August, the most popular month for vacationing...  And it was FULL of people. But look at what we saw.  

The geyser basins are wonderful to look at, to breathe in, the weather was hot during the day and cold at night. 

 No rain!  That's very important when living with the elements, i.e. tent camping for 3 nights.  
What made it worth it?
1. Seeing daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter (again, after 11 days...spoiled)
Communing with nature...OK: This is really within hours of leaving the park, where there is NO internet.
2. Seeing granddaughter (13 months old) recognize her grandparents, and grab ahold of grandpa with such earnestness and hold on to him for so long. 

3. Watching Old Faithful with 1,000's,

4. Finding some virtual caches, even though I went in the wrong direction and took the Great Circle Route.

5. Alone time with my hub.  Nothing like 1,600+ miles in the car over 3 days. Talked and talked (I think it was equal time...) and
6. Hiking along the Firehole River Canyon while everyone else drove by.

7. Seeing Bison standing around as if they were statues (until they flap their tails)

8. Sitting inside a huge tent during a rain/wind storm (KOA Montana) playing a game on an iPad. Someone help me out with the name of the game.
9. Sleeping on a borrowed inflatable bed, AND finding it so comfortable that we, yes we, had no aches or pains! (Hmmm. Rethinking the home situation.)  That doesn't mean that we wanted to stay there all day!  We were ready to get up, and getting up from lying on the floor (ground) isn't all that easy.
10. Seeing beautiful Utah, from the ski areas to the red rock canyons.  Drove past Park City and Provo Canyon, stopping in Price just as the bad weather moved in.  This picture is from SE Utah (Moab area).  I found I took very few traveling pictures: Too much looking and knitting!
Six days!  I think I'll sleep tonight!!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love all the happy, smiling faces. :-)


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