Saturday, August 7, 2010

A trip north!

Mr. Foster certainly needed his wooly "scrubs" for Montana, Idaho and Wyoming camping. So for 770 miles I knitted a new set of clothes.  And the last stitch was bound off moments from departure.    Here's Juju is her new dress, and Mr. F in his new clothes in a motel room!  Yes, after 2 weeks on the road, blowing tents, rain, snakes, stinky toilets, and ... dirt, a few days of R&R (C's Blog) before the next camping adventure.
Mr. Foster has had a face-lift since I first displayed him.  His scary white teeth have been replaced by pink lips.  Juju's normally pale Scandinavian skin is replaced with sun-burned cheeks, and a gorgeous tan.  Her hair is still white!

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