Saturday, August 21, 2010

Too Bad, So Sad!

A Skew too many, I guess!  My sock is indeed "skewed" and rather than being a nice fit... my dainty foot doesn't reach the toe.  Even my beautiful daughter with a size larger foot won't get this one.  It's too large for her, I bet.
Here are some pictures:
No really, it's OK.  The pattern even says there's a hole to be sewn up!
Can you tell that the toe is empty of "foot"?  The tip of the toe, from the first yellow stripe doesn't have anything in it.   It's a shame, because I'm going to rip out the heel and make the foot shorter.  Why didn't I try it on earlier?  Duh... I dunno.  One thing:  I was in disbelief that there was going to be a heel.
And the front part of the ankle seems a bit saggy. Maybe it's my petite ankles...
Wish me luck!

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