Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Toad goes a-hunting

There's something about toads.  I think they are lovable.  

Yes, when I really think about what I'm saying, I know it puts my in a class of about 2 out of a 1,000.  
But whenever I see a toad, big or small, I want to protect it.  I swerve when driving and I step around them on the sidewalk.  When I'm on a path of destroying weeds, I skip the area if I know a toad is hanging out under there.  
The other evening, I heard a rustling around in the corner of the garage, under... well, things that are piled up in the garage.  I assumed it was a mouse, and I decided I needed to protect the house by closing up the "cat door".  I realized then that the house certainly was NOT protected by my actions, and I hoped the cats would show some interest.
Tonight, as I drove into the driveway, and opening the garage door, there sat a largish toad right in the middle of the garage door opening.  He/She was just sitting there, quietly, and I couldn't bring myself to drive in.  What if he/she suddenly leapt up and hit the car.  What if he/she decided to flee at that moment, and ...  I couldn't take the chance.  So I did what any toad-lover would do:  I got out of the car and helped him choose a path that would give me some room.
The oddest thing though: Instead of fleeing away from the garage, he continued right along the line where the garage door would be, and acted like he wanted to come in.  Now I'm not so sure it was a mouse.  It could have been my toad resident in the garage.  (Totally OK.)  And then what was even more dramatic, he (yes, I'll call him "he") stopped short about 3 inches from a grasshopper.
Honk if you are sympathetic to grasshoppers....   I don't HEAR anything...  Who would think a grasshopper lovable?  Well, maybe a hungry toad!  In fact, the way he just sat there and did the act like he was really a stone, and not a live, hungry toad, told me that he was thinking of supper.  I unloaded the car, keeping an eye out for any drama, and returned with my camera, but by then the deed was done.  One tasty grasshopper had bit the dust, and my friend, the toad was all happy with his treat.
I wish I had seen it go down, but all that was left were the legs hanging out each side of his mouth.  (In both pictures!)  Nature at work.  I KNEW I liked toads for a good reason!  Go ahead, get a good look:  Click on the picture for enlargement.


  1. And I would be that other in 1,000 who thinks toads are cute. Yours got a tasty treat I see! :-)

  2. Kay says via email:

    I saw said toad when I left your house after knit night. It nearly scared the bejeebers out of me. You are a sick woman indeed. Ha Ha Ha

  3. eww to toad, they are just as bad as snakes...icky icky!!! i had creepies reading all of that and looking at the peeksures

  4. We had a Mr. Toad in our yard when we lived in Kirtland (long time ago). He spent quite a few evenings with us on the back porch, watching the stars. Maybe your Mr. Toad is a descendant. Greetings to him!


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