Monday, August 23, 2010


This seems to be the season for shawls... I thought I was the only crazy person casting on, however, two of my bloggers recently showed up with FINISHED shawls.  
What's THAT about?  I guess I don't know what knitters knit in the summer...

I highly recommend that you visit Laurie at Tying Holes Together  and ogle over her beautiful shawl in her lead photo, and peruse the many projects she has listed.  Also there's a NEW shawl pattern that I think is worth a look: A new shawl pattern by Eskimimi.  What caught my eye was 1) the colors  2) the shawl pattern  and 3)
She used the Magic Zauberball yarn which has tempted me to fall off the wagon.  Can I wait until 2011 to buy the Zauberball?  I've fingered a lot of them...

OK. Time to go back to swearing at my nupps!
To the right of the left orange marker is a nupp and a nupp-to-be.  Teeeny!


  1. Aw, thanks...thinking of changing my blog title to "The OCD Knitter". I can't keep up this pace without starting to develop a facial tic. LOL! I'm really tempted by the Eskimimi shawl, and love your little nupps-in-training. Nuppettes???

  2. This looks like a beautiful start, look forward to seeing more of your project!


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