Friday, August 27, 2010

Knitting Out!

The Doctor and the never-ending blankie

Every few weeks we knit socially.
Officially called "Knit One, Drink Too" we are a pretty tame bunch without D to lead us astray!!
There are snacks:
The grapes were still there when I left! The chocolates?  Not so much.
But sometimes snacks mean, "pick up dropped stitches":
J keeps comments to herself.
Why don't you try smaller needles or a more complex pattern?
Gorgeous sock to be

The Music Stand Pattern Holder
Watch where you hold those!
K's fraternal socks from Zauberball: We're waiting to see the colors!  And...
Looks like a hospital!
How do you know someone has been laid up with surgery?  Look for the person knitting a swatch!


  1. Groups of knitters gathered together are always smiling. Heartwarming.

  2. I love pictures of knitting groups! I need to start photographing my groups. What fun!


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