Monday, August 9, 2010

In the car... for hours!

No, really, I like to drive...

but since M didn't mind, and certainly I had my hands full of knitting projects, and maps... and deciphering the way because I didn't bring all the maps.

We traveled out of NM to Colorado, the full length of Utah, into Idaho, and tiny bit of Montana and into YNP which is Montana and Wyoming.  I brought a map of... Utah. Maybe that's why we traveled so much in Utah.  Great scenery!!

What did I have with me, you probably are asking... and I'll tell you anyway:  An empty bucket of pretzels. Perfect for taking things, stuffing or dropping them in, and being able to see almost everything.  Here's what I had with me:
Spreading out on the king-sized bed... the bed was enormous after just 3 nights on a queen airbed in a just that big tent.  The next morning we agreed that it was the "firmest" bed we had ever slept on, and not that much fun!  There was, at least, room for all of my toys from the bucket... I've started collecting pretzel buckets... a knitter's perfect container.  What? Does it look like a mess?  Of course it is....
Chocolate covered cherries, (then clockwise) empty knitting bag with 2 circular needles used for Mr. Foster's completed clothes, a bottle of breath mints for the dog (breathing over my shoulder from the backseat), patterns, granola bars, brimmed hat, Peruvian pouch with sock project, plastic bag of knitting accessories (however I can't seem to keep track of my cable needles), West Thumb Geyser Basin Trail Guide (not really needed, but it needed a home) and SPF 70 sunscreen.  That's half of the contents!
Starting at the top: Purple little girl's top which didn't get looked at for the whole week and is still only an inch long, and below, the sock yarn, partial sock and completed sock, cellphone charger, iTouch, stitching needle in case (blue) and needle sizer.  Then in the left lower corner there's an assortment of knitting needles, crochet hook, pens and pencils, place markers, stitch holders... and see the teeny ball of red above the blue needle holder?  Of course, everyone knows that's my waste yarn!!

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