Thursday, August 19, 2010

I must be CRAZY!

Startitis all over again!
And this time, I must be crazy.  I haven't punished myself enough with loooong, time consuming projects.  Too many done-in-a-flash baby clothes, or socks.  Even socks take awhile considering the small size of the needles.  
And then I decided on a shawl:  The Europa Crescent Shawl.

I've been locked into and/or mesmerized by the Shawlette with its crescent shape.  I really enjoy the way it fits the shoulders, and it wants to stay on me.  Triangular shawls make me pull and re-wrap myself.  No manner of pinning keeps it in place.

I'm hoping the Europa will act similarly.  One major difference is the needle size and the uniform lace pattern.  The Shawlette begins with 3 stitches (neckline), and Europa begins with 643 stitches at the bottom edge.
Lots of stitches, and .... teeeny tiny too!
What do you say?  Christmas?  2011 maybe?  Or will this be a multi-year work?  I'm lovin' what I'm seein'...
Hand Dyed Merino Laceweight, 880 yds/100 grams
Bought it at Pagosa Springs Fiber Festival, Colorado

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  1. As my blog reflects, I am suffering the aftereffects of a severe case of startitis a few months ago. The Europa is a beautiful shawl but, after P&I, I don't think I can ever again cast on that many stitches at the beginning of a project. One word of advice - LIFELINES!!! :-)


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