Saturday, August 14, 2010

"I do this all the time"

Have I ever said that to you?  I probably have... I said it adamantly to my friend, P, as she tried to prevent me from ripping out a page from a book of patterns.  
"I don't need to go to the library to make a copy.  I'll just take this one page with me to get me started.  I do this all the time."  
"No, no," she says.  "What if you lose it?"  
Now I did it... Two thousand miles later, I had it on my coffee table, WITH the book, (I thought until this morning) and after straightening and cleaning for a month it isn't there.
I'm at the point in the knitting where I thought I should have a look to see how many inches I need of this cable pattern.
And although I don't work on it every day (obviously) it's starting to look nice.  The ribbing is becoming tight.   And to be honest, I was thinking that I might "alter" the pattern.  
Thanks to Ravelry, I have a lifeline that I'm beginning to pursue:  I've written to a stranger in Wisconsin who has knitted this pattern, and asked if I could get a copy of pages 63-64.  
Let this be a lesson!!  I'll NEVER do it again, I'm sure...

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  1. Eek!!! I used to laugh at people who made copies of their patterns and put them in protective sleeves and filed them in binders...until I lost a pattern I really loved. Now I'm a copyin' filin' protectin' fool. LOL!


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